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This will not have anything to do with dA.

So I'm now a little over 1/3 trough my trip to Maine where me and my husband are staying at his 90-year-old grandmothers house.

This trip was not what I had planned or expected.

It's my second time here, and last time went without any hick-ups. 

This past week...... well...
I got here on thursday, it was a long flight from Denmark, and we were delayed a couple of times on our way making us miss the bus and having to wait for an hour. We could not reach the grandmother who was waiting for us two hours away at the bus station.
That made me feel nervous and a bit anxious, but those are the things that happen.

This tuesday... we were out, getting the grandmothers car checked, a couple of hours away. It went fine, we had dinner.
When leaving the restaurant, the man holding the door for us told us to "stay out of the storm".

I got a bit worried, but thought it would be fine, the woman has lived here for longer time than I have been alive.
We drive homewards, and then a tornado warning sounds.
We drive through this tornado, towards another tornado. My husband and the grandmother seem very calm, and I feel like she is driving a little fast for the conditions as the rain is pouring down so hard that it's hard to look out the windows.

We get into town, and stay at an empty house there. Here I cower, like a cat in thunder. I was dead terrified.
After we finally get home to the cottage she has (just where the tornado might have been the worst) I learn that the other two were scared as well.....

Terrifying experience, but I survived it.

Today, about half an hour ago, I was playing boardgames with my husband, when the phone rang.

The grandmother had taken a wrong turn and ended up in the wrong lane on a highway. Hit another car. Hers is totalled, she is alive but with a broken wrist and scrapes in the face. I don't know about the other car, I'm hoping for the best.

The grandmother is now in the hospital. Her son, my father-in-law, whom she went to pick up, is now stranded at the bus station, we don't know how long. I'm what feels like a bigillian miles away. Sitting in a cottage in the woods, at least 15 minutes by car from the nearest town, with my husband.

Everything about this will turn out alright..... We know, we are just shaken up by this and worried sick.

The fun thing about this (if one tries to look for it) is that in a weeks time, she and her son is leaving, and me and my husband will be alone for a week, and we were VERY MUCH planning on using that car for outings.

We had a few plans for what we should do in this time, like dinners out and shopping trips. 

This might sound bad that I think of "what about me and my lone week here.." but the mind struggles to think of anything but this accident.

The other car is totalled... but the driver is "only" shaken up...
The grandmothers car's airbags did not go off (hence the scrapes) though she just had it checked, and the service centre didn't mention anything about the airbags. 


Melissa MW
Izza M 26 years old, from Copenhagen, Denmark.
I'm an actress and a writer. And an aspirering photographer.

I write many different things:
Songs, poems, stories, "books", manuscripts, monolouges and more...

I'm currently working on writing scripts and monolouges, after that I'm going to fight to get investors so my stuff can get on stage. Acted out by me.

So yeah the dream is professional actress.
But that won't keep me from writing poems and songs still.

A photografer friend of mine's website.
Check him out.

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